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Core-stability training
Annual Conference of American College of Sports Medicine
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In Brief

Which Stats Package. SAS, SPSS, R, Statistica or spreadsheets? Nov 4.
SPSS for Mixed Models. Step-by-step instructions. Mar 2. Update June 7.
SAS (and R) for Mixed Models
. Resources and free software.
Jun 17. Updated Nov 4, 6Jan17.

P Values Down But Not Yet Out
. Critique of a critique.
Mar 11.
Journal Impact Factors 2015
. The latest from Elsevier/Scopus.
Nov 7.
Updated Dec 14.

Sport Performance Research at the 2016 Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. David Pyne, Marc Portus, Will Hopkins.The featured presentations and the abstracts on competitive athletes. Jul 11.
  The Triumph of Technology for Athletes at the 21st Annual Meeting of the European College of Sport Science. Will Hopkins.Factors affecting athletic performance and injury at this top conference. Aug 5.
  Genomics and more at ICSEMIS 2016 – the Olympic Conference in Santos, Brazil. Will Hopkins.The latest on "-omics" and other aspects of athletic performance. Sep 13. Update Oct 15: link to book of abstracts.
  World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport XI. Will Hopkins. New approaches to complex data. Nov 26.
Effects of Core-Stability Training on Performance and Injuries in Competitive Athletes. Thomas Haugen, Lars Haugvad, Vibeke Røstad. Slideshow of research and practical guidelines. Apr 28.

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