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 Volume 4 · Number 1

  Jan-Apr 2000 

How to dot the V and create other symbols.

Position stands of the American College of Sports Medicine now on the Web. ACSM's Current Comments also available.

New links to instructions for authors of most journals.

Bayesian analysis, a spreadsheet for reliability studies, Type 0 error, a new interpretation of the p value, and more in A New View of Statistics.

 News and Comment

In Brief

Editorial · Vitamin C Warning · Creatine and Kidney Damage? · Liability for Side Effects

Conference Report

Highlights of the Third International Altitude-Training Symposium, by Peter Pfitzinger. Training, nutritional and other advice on altitude exposure from the experts.


Moving Together: Newsletter #26 by Ken Daley. Coach resources, health/fitness calculators, website tune-up, image search engine, injury prevention, job site, tech news...


Research Resources

Quantitative Research Design, by Will G Hopkins. All about double-blind randomized crossovers and other designs.

Physiology Symbols in Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect, by J Andrew Doyle. How to dot the V and create other symbols.

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